On July 4th I posted the complete Declaration of Independence on several threads on Quora. At around 6 PM I received this message in my email inbox:

Quora Moderation blocked you from editing on Quora.
Quora Moderation blocked you from editing on Quora for this reason:

Repeated policy violations. See: https://help.quora.com/hc/en/articles/360000480343

You will not be able to add questions or write answers at this time.
Soviet Style Sensorship

It seems that Quora considers the Declaration of Independence as “spam”!

I was reinstated on Quora on 7/18/ 2021 – On 7/19/2021 I was banned completely! I can still access the sight and read it, and I can still access all the Q-Answres I posted the past year. SO fuck Quora, that is all I need to continue posting thos answers on this blog and on Substack.

This is now a common thing in America, as is illustrated in this story about NPR:

NPR Trashes Declaration Of Independence On Fourth Of July, Adds ‘Editor’s Note’ To Warn Of ‘Racist Slur’

National Public Radio (NPR) denounced the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July because of terms it deemed offensive.

“245 years ago today, leaders representing 13 British colonies signed a document to declare independence,” NPR tweeted, linking to an article about its annual reading of the founding document. “It says ‘that all men are created equal’ — but women, enslaved people, Indigenous people and many others were not held as equal at the time.”

“The document also includes a racist slur against Indigenous Americans. Author David Treuer, who is Ojibwe, says there is a lot of diversity of opinion and thought among Native Americans — a community of more than 5 million people — about the document’s words,” NPR continued, adding a quote from Treuer: “We remain committed to forcing this country to live up to its own stated ideals.”

Trueur, NPR explained, focuses “on the the role of Indigenous Americans and the push for equality and equity.”

“In this thread of the Declaration of Independence, you can see a document with flaws and deeply ingrained hypocrisies. It also laid the foundation for this country’s collective aspirations — the hopes for what America could be,” NPR went on.

NPR continued to tweet the entire text of the Declaration, but felt the need to insert an editor’s note to warn readers that the Founding Fathers used a “racist slur” when they accused King George III of endeavoring “to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

The Declaration of Independence and the nation’s other founding documents were recently found to demonstrate “structural racism,” according to a task force on racism at the National Archives, where the original documents are housed in Washington, D.C.

As The Daily Wire reported:

In an exclusive report out Sunday, Fox News noted that a “little noticed” report from a National Archives task force on racism suggested the building, where America’s founding documents are displayed, was an example of “structural racism” and suggested major changes to how the Constitution and other notable records are presented in order to provide “context.”

The group also reportedly suggested that the National Archive’s portrayal of individual founding fathers was too positive.

The group, Fox News said Sunday, “claimed in a little-noticed report to the U.S.’s top librarian that the Archives’ own Rotunda – which houses the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights – is an example of ‘structural racism’ and that the Founding Fathers and other White, historically impactful Americans are portrayed too positively.”

The task force, which completed its work in April, noted that “structural racism” included “legacy descriptions that use racial slurs and harmful language to describe BIPOC communities,” like racial slurs but also terms like “elderly,” “handicapped” and “illegal alien.”

The National Archives rotunda fell under serious scrutiny because its frescoes and displays laud the achievements of “wealthy White men in the nation’s founding while marginalizing BIPOC [Black, Indigenous and other People of Color], women, and other communities.”


As for the documents and displays, the committee suggested “trigger warnings” for individuals who might suffer “physiological and psychological symptoms” as a result of coming into contact with the information and artwork in the rotunda.

NPR Trashes Declaration Of Independence On Fourth Of July, Adds ‘Editor’s Note’ To Warn Of ‘Racist Slur’

Quora also objected to my posting this on the 4th of July:

The 1776 Report PDF:

I have been a strong supporter of President Trump, and much of what I have posted on Quora reflects that. Also I am an outspoken critic of the Biden regime. It is obvious to me that dissedence is highly frowned upon by Quora moderation, as most of the transgressions I am charged with, that are considered “spam” on Quora have to do with my opposition to what I consider the illegitimatacy of the Biden regime, which has been proven to be put into power by a cabal of corporatist oligarchs who rigged the 2020 Presidential election. My maiden story on this blog addresses this, see:

The Juneteenth flag is full of symbols. Here's what they mean

Juneteenth Flag — as if America needs to replace the Stars & Stipes for a new Neo-Marxist flag. This is more bullshit from the illegitimate Biden regime. I protest this unconstitututional nonsese!!



    1. Read this, it is an absolute lie from start to finish!
      But it has 3.1K views – 220 upvotes & View shares.
      It is this kind oftripe that is most popular on Quora

      Daniel Albert
      American citizen and writer living in NorwayFebruary 15
      What does Donald Trump mean when he says that “we won’t have a country” if we don’t fight?
      He meant that if all legal votes are counted, Republicans won’t be in power.

      Therefore, if his supporters wanted control of the country, they would need to murder people. Lots and lots of people.

      And that’s why they marched directly from the Trump rally to the Capitol and murdered and maimed people, while chanting “Hang Mike Pence” and looking for legislators to murder.

      It was an attempted coup by one branch of government trying to destroy the other using the same tactics as Charles Manson: lying to your cult of followers until they commit the murders on your behalf.

      If we convicted Charles Manson, then Trump should be in the same cell block.

      3.1K viewsView 220 upvotesView shares
      Adding comments disabled





    2. Here are just a few subjects that the government media refuses to inform their dwindling audience about. These subjects cannot be covered, or if covered, are rife with lies.
      Here are just a few subjects that the government media refuses to inform their dwindling audience about. These subjects cannot be covered, or if covered, are riff with lies.

      * The fraud election of 2020

      * The audits

      * More state leaders demanding audits


      This totally explains why I was BANNED permanently by Quora today…just one day afrer I was reinstated from a two week suspension of posting priveleges. The first posts I made yesterday when my suspension was lifted were on the fraud election of 2020, the audits and more state leaders demanding audits.

      Quora is afterall simply another social media platform.

      What the draconian government of the illegitimat Biden regime will do about Substack and private blogs remains to be seen. However a hard core authoritarian dystopia seems to be coming in America’s near future.

      Stay tuned — Stay alert.



      1. A newly released email from Maricopa County Elections Assistant Director Kelly Dixon confirms the Sharpiegate scandal.

        We learned on Wednesday that the Arizona audit discovered ballots were printed incorrectly and on thin paper stock that allows for ink bleed-throughs.

        In an email dated October 22, 2020, Dixon writes to notify election clerks that they must issue ballpoint pens every day prior to Election Day.

        “We NEED to use markers on Election Day,” she writes.

        Why did they only use markers on Election Day?

        Trump supporters voted in overwhelming numbers on Election Day, in person, due to the concerns about mail-in ballot fraud. It looks like they took the necessary measures to suppress these votes as well.

        Jennifer Asper shared an image of this letter to Twitter, originally shared by Garret Lewis and swept under the rug by the media.

        Lewis: CAUGHT! Maricopa County Elections Worker Kelly Dixon ordered her staff to use ballpoint pens for early voting from 10/23-11/2. They NEED to use markers on Election Day. Why? The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors need to see this and call for a full audit. RT and share!

        Asper: Busted! They knew most Trump voters would wait to vote on Election Day. #SharpieGate

        Maricopa County: Hi Amazing Troubleshooters!

        Firat and foremost I want to thank you all for supporting this historic election. From my seat in the Command Center today, I finally had the chance to marvel at all the numbers and feel unbelievably grateful for all of you working so hard in support of Democracy Thanks isn’t good enough, but THANKS!!

        Next, we’ve heard you and we know youre hearing issues and concerns about the Sharpie Markers. Starting tomorrow, 10/23 and through 11/2m we are asking that Clerks hand voters BALLPOINT PENS ather than markers. We NEED to use Markers on Election Day, but for now and through 11/2, hand voters a Ballpoint Pen. You have plenty of pens in your supplies right now.

        Please message this to your inspectors and ensure they can cascade this change down to everyone on the Board.

        The Gateway Pundit reported 2 days after the election that Arizona ballot instructions read, “Do NOT use a sharpie type pen as it will bleed through.”

        We also know that Arizona was not the only state to see the Sharpiegate conspiracy.

        Every day prior to election day they used the correct pens but the day they knew Trump’s voters would turn out in record numbers, they changed it.

        They knew markers would cause discrepancies on our ballots.

        The Elections Directors responsible for these demands belong in prison!



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      2. William Whitten (Writes https://thedissedent.page/blog) ·just now

        “Teaching people’s history empowers and invigorates students to better understand the perspectives of workers, women, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, whose voices are too often erased in corporate-produced textbooks.”–Persing

        Ms. Persing.

        Your comment is Critical Race Theory exactly.

        Arguing against “Corporatism” is somethng populists do as well. but they do not lie about history in the same way that the Neo-Marxist ÜberLiberal Left does. Your propaganda is based on the same bullshit anti-history as the 1619 project.

        Socialism is a failed ideology. It has NEVER worked in any society attempting it, and has always resulted in tyranny.

        Trading the corporatist oligarchy for a neo-marxist oligarchy would change nothing bu the names of the leaders.

        “Meet the New Boss — Same as the Old Boss”

        The ONLY solution to America’s deep rooted problems is a return to the founding principles of individual inalienable libery as espoused in the Declaration of Independence.

        That would obviously be a rejection of insidious collectivist ideologies that you espouse.

        The US is already in the grip of the collectivist authoritarians the people like Ms Persing are cheerleeding for. She just doesn’t recognise her own face in the mirror.




      3. William Whitten (Writes https://thedissedent.page/blog) ·just now

        Yes Zwiebel, I am saying exactly that.
        Trump is NOT an oligarch, he is a populist and a constitutionalist. Trump stood fast against the corporatist oligarchs, which is the reason they rigged the 2020 election, attempted two bogus “impeachments, ran the specious ‘Russiagate’ project against him and brought the entire ÜberLiberal Neo-Marxist mainstream propaganda machine on bullhorn volume to try to take Trump down for 4 years. They only succeeded by successfully rigging the 2020 presidential election.




      4. Actually Ms. Persing I am excited by principles. I have stated clearly herein that those principles are those elucidated in the Declaration of Independence.

        Yes I recognize that the nation is plagued by the admixture of capitalism & socialism. And that is exactly what is causing the failure of the current state of corporatist America.
        You claim that “socialism in a democracy exists already,” but that is why the ‘democracy’ is in the state of corruption that it is. It is mere perception of ‘democracy’ because the propaganda calls it ‘democracy’. The US is a plutocracy verging on utter tyranny under the Neo-Marxist Biden regime, and their absudist Woke playbook defining a fantasy reality that only exists in the minds of those who buy into the maniacle blather that passes for ‘communication’ in the current processed bubblegum press.

        This socialist burlesque has turned citizens into spectators at a carnaval of freaks parading as ‘politicians’, ‘journalsits’, ‘military leaders’ and ‘educators’ who are right now pinning the tails on all the donkeys who have lined up for the lethal ‘Jab’.

        Take your place in line Sue, the jokes on you.




  1. The most pressing matter facing advocates of liberty today is the prospect of the political and economic establishment completing the institution of a totalitarian state. There is no other way to read the multipronged approach and the political maneuverings that political operatives are taking to rule under “Biden.” I put “Biden” in quotation marks here because the current president of the United States is not a singular person named Joe Biden. It is a politburo consisting of party rulers and advisers, ruling by executive fiat, plus, as I’ll discuss, corporate-state apparatuses. Make no mistake, the power grab that is underway poses the most grievous threat to liberty in recent history.

    The signals could not be any clearer. In addition to the swath of executive orders, clearly composed by politburo members and aimed at extending federal power, the political establishment has initiated a growing body of laws which would, if passed, consolidate uniparty rule for the foreseeable future.

    An Historical Juncture Demanding Human Action — Michael Rectenwald



  2. An Ugly War Among Leftist YouTubers Shows Two Common, Toxic Pathologies Plaguing U.S. Politics
    Baselessly accusing people of being Russian agents and weaponizing accusations of sexual misconduct are reputation-destroying cancers at the heart of liberal discourse.

    Glenn Greenwald

    An incredibly vicious and protracted war is being waged, seemingly with no end in sight, among numerous prominent liberal and left-wing commentators who work primarily on YouTube. The conflict erupted on May 26 when Cenk Uygur — the founder and long-time host of The Young Turks, the largest liberal-left YouTube platform — baselessly and falsely accused independent journalist Aaron Maté of being “paid by the Russians,” while his co-host, Ana Kasparian, spouted innuendo that Maté was “working for” unnamed dictators.

    Maté is one of the very few left-wing journalists who reported skeptically on Russiagate and who questioned the U.S. Government’s narrative about the civil war in Syria, including by traveling to war-torn parts of that country to do so. He won the 2019 Park Center for Independent Media’s Izzy Award for his work debunking Russiagate. Yet with a one-minute rant from their insulated studio, Uygur baselessly branded Maté as someone who is “paid by the Russians” while Kasparian asserted that he “seemed” to be working for Assad and other dictators — a potentially reputation-destroying smear for a journalist and one that can be quite dangerous for a reporter who, like Maté, works on the ground in war zones.

    The conflict engendered by those grotesque fabrications escalated significantly when Kasparian sent a private Twitter message to one of Maté’s defenders, Jimmy Dore, in which she threatened to accuse Dore of #MeToo-type sexual harassment from when they worked together seven years earlier. Kasparian made clear that her intent to publicly vilify Dore as a sexual harasser would serve as punishment for his criticisms of The Young Turks. Dore then revealed Kasparian’s threat on his program, and days later, Kasparian made good on her threat by accusing Dore of sexual harassment back in 2014.

    While I used my social media platforms to denounce the false accusations voiced by Uygur and Kasparian against Maté, none of this would merit an article or stand-alone commentary if not for the fact that the two weapons they chose — false accusations that someone is a paid Russian agent and exploited sexual harassment accusations — have become extremely commonplace in Democratic Party politics, liberal circles and U.S. politics more broadly. It is long past time — way past time — that these tactics be rejected and scorned by everyone regardless of ideology or personality preferences.

    I decided to analyze and dissect this conflict not in order to narrate everything that happened here or to arbitrate who is right and wrong with respect to every disagreement these parties are having. Instead, it is worth examining because the way this nasty exchange unfolded provides such a vivid and illuminating case study of two metastasizing cancers at the heart of liberal discourse. Both of these weapons are ethically repugnant and corrupt — obviously so — yet somehow have become as common and accepted among Democratic Party followers as they are toxic and reprehensible.

    From Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean to Rachel Maddow and countless other liberal cable hosts, casually and falsely smearing people as paid Russian agents is now completely normalized behavior in liberal culture. And the list of people whose reputations have been destroyed from evidence-free and cynically deployed sexual harassment allegations or other vague accusations of sexual misconduct is too long to comprehensively chronicle. I examine these two issues in the format of video, which can be watched on the player below, because that is where so much of it has played out and because it seemed that is how the severity and magnitude of these abuses could be most effectively conveyed:



    1. This commentary in the video by Glenn Greenwald is particularly appropriate for this thread on Quora and it’s Soviet style censorship, because the types of attacks on myself were of the same kind of absurd allegations from ubeliberals, that I am a ‘Russian agent’ ” working for the Kremlin”…even calling me “comrade”, I was attecked wthe egregious slurs and defamation, in the foulest of language. And even though there is a flagging app on Quora, which was used against me for the most trivial things, when I would flag these disgusting comments to me, NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. Not once was any of those comments deleted, and they are still standing on Quora to this day.

      This is why it is so astonishing and unjust that I was banished from Quora. They protect these goon squads who insult Trump supporters. But as we see from Greenwald, it is no different from the same thing going on in the larger society and media. Such an imbalance of the scales of justice is a sign of danger for the culture of American society.
      We are literally under attack by barbarians within our own gates.

      God save America from these maniacs.


      1. Here is another traitorous Neo-Marxist Democrat lunatic replying to my comment about NPR Trashes Declaration Of Independence On Fourth Of July, Adds ‘Editor’s Note’ To Warn Of ‘Racist Slur’. As I am banned from commenting on Quora, I will make note of this horrid anti-American bullshit here.

        Jeff Lipton
        18m ago
        That’s a lot of words to say “NPR was right… The slave-holding Founding Fathers were being hypocritical racists when they wrote that “all men are created equal” — except for the ones whose bodies we exploit.

        Frederick Douglass had a valid argument against the Declararion of Independence.

        But teaching the truth is called “Critical RaceTheory”..



  3. Wikipedia Co-founder Warns: ‘Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever’

    Larry Sanger, a co-founder of Wikipedia, warned that the online encyclopedia is “more one-sided than ever” in light of the website’s entries for Black Lives Matter, the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump’s two impeachments, and other contentious topics.

    Sanger, in particular, took issue with how some Wikipedia entries are sourced.

    “In short, and with few exceptions, only globalist, progressive mainstream sources—and sources friendly to globalist progressivism—are permitted,” he wrote in an article on his website.

    Several centrist news outlets like The Daily Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal, and The Weekly Standard are sometimes allowed to be sourced, he said, but Wikipedia editors are “careful never to leave the current Overton Window of progressive thought.”

    Unlike Facebook Inc. and Twitter, which take more top-down approaches to content moderation, Wikipedia, which turned 20 years old earlier this year, largely relies on unpaid volunteers to handle issues around users’ behavior, editing entries, and other aspects of the site’s management.

    Wikipedia has 230,000 volunteer editors who work on crowdsourced articles and more than 3,500 “administrators” who can take actions like blocking accounts or restricting edits on certain pages, according to a Reuters article.

    Further, Sanger suggested, Wikipedia’s editors have “systematically purged conservative mainstream media sources” because its editors “do not want what they dismiss as ‘misinformation,’ ‘conspiracy theories,’ etc., to get any hearing. In saying so, they (and similarly biased institutions) are plainly claiming exclusive control over what is thinkable. They want to set the boundaries of the debate, and they want to tell you how to think about it.”

    Sanger noted that Wikipedia has banned Fox News’ political reporting, the New York Post, and the Daily Mail from being used as sources.

    According to a Wikipedia page on the sources that can be used, other conservative websites like Breitbart, The Blaze, The Daily Wire, The Gateway Pundit, and Newsmax are also banned.

    “Many mainstream sources of conservative, libertarian, or contrarian opinion are banned from Wikipedia as well, including Quillette, The Federalist, and the Daily Caller,” he added. “Those might be contrarian or conservative, but they are hardly ‘radical’; they are still mainstream. So, how on earth can such viewpoints ever be given an airing on Wikipedia? Answer: often, they cannot, not if there are no ‘reliable sources’ available to report about them.”

    “It is not too far to say that Wikipedia, like many other deeply biased institutions of our brave new digital world, has made itself into a kind of thought police that has de facto shackled conservative viewpoints with which they disagree,” Sanger wrote in a conclusion on his website. “Democracy cannot thrive under such conditions: I maintain that Wikipedia has become an opponent of vigorous democracy.”

    But democracy, he argued, “requires that voters be given the full range of views on controversial issues, so that they can make up their minds for themselves.”

    “If society’s main information sources march in ideological lockstep, they make a mockery of democracy. Then the wealthy and powerful need only gain control of the few approved organs of acceptable thought; then they will be able to manipulate and ultimately control all-important political dialogue,” Sanger concluded.

    Sanger and another co-founder Jimmy Wales created Wikipedia—of which Sanger gave its name—in 2001. Sanger left the project during the next year and he has, for years, criticized the website.




    1. 36 states sue Google for anticompetitive practices
      July 9, 20
      State attorneys general of 36 states and the District of Columbia filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Wednesday alleging the company engaged in anticompetitive practices in its Play Store for Android.

      The complaint argues Google holds and unlawfully maintains a monopoly in the market of “Android app distribution,” using anticompetitive tactics such as blocking competitors from accessing the Play Store, discouraging the creation of competing app stores, and acquiring smaller app developers. The complaint also alleges Google charges app developers up to a 30% commission when customers purchase their products through the Google Play Store.

      “Google has taken steps to close the ecosystem from competition and insert itself as the middleman between app developers and consumers,” the plaintiffs argue.

      The plaintiffs claim that Google’s size and anticompetitive tactics have made it so app developers have no choice but to use Google’s software, which puts developers at the mercy of Google’s policies and fees.

      “Google Play Store distributes over 90% of all Android apps in the United States. No competing Android app store has more than 5% of the market,” the complaint reads.

      The complaint also argues that Google’s practices harm consumers. The plaintiffs claim the tech giant’s policy requiring all Play Store apps sell digital in-app content through Google’s billing service creates a monopoly on in-app payment processing, which the company can then abuse.

      “Because Google’s tie prevents their use of other payment processors for in-app purchases, consumers are harmed by paying Google’s supracompetitive commission of up to 30%,” the plaintiffs say.

      Google responded to the lawsuit in a statement posted on its blog, calling the complaint “meritless” and questioning the motivations of the state attorneys general.

      “This lawsuit isn’t about helping the little guy or protecting consumers. It’s about boosting a handful of major app developers who want the benefits of Google Play without paying for it,” Wilson White, Google’s Senior Director of Public Policy, wrote in the statement.

      “If you don’t find the app you’re looking for in Google Play, you can choose to download the app from a rival app store or directly from a developer’s website,” White said.

      Google has faced several recent antitrust complaints, both in the United States and Europe. The Department of Justice filed an antitrust complaint in October 2020 alleging similar anticompetitive practices related to the Google Play Store.

      State attorneys general of 38 states sued Google in December 2020 over alleged manipulation of search results, while another December complaint led by Texas’s attorney general went after the company’s online advertising practices.

      An Ohio lawsuit in June asked for a judge to declare Google a “common carrier” and therefore subject to regulation like a public utility.

      The company was also fined $270 million last month by a French antitrust regulator for its anticompetitive data practices.




    2. Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General is a book written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard about the final year of World War II and the death of General George Patton, specifically whether it was an accident or an assassination.

      O’Reilly suggests that Patton was poisoned while recovering from the automobile accident he endured on December 8, 1945, on the orders of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, ostensibly to prevent him from warning the United States about the imminent danger of the Soviet Union.

      Bill O’Reilly, the opinionated host of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, is about to shake up the world of history with his latest bold claim — that Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin ordered the assassination of Gen. George S. Patton.

      “We found compelling evidence,” O’Reilly says. Readers can decide for themselves with the publication of Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General (Henry Holt), co-written with Martin Dugard.

      It’s the fourth in the pair’s wildly successful “Killing” series, which launched with Killing Lincoln in 2011 and continued with Killing Kennedy. Last year’s Killing Jesus reached No. 1 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list. (O’Reilly says three more in the franchise are to come.)

      While not always embraced by scholars, the non-fiction books are written as you-are-there thrillers in a way that “people who do not necessarily like history will enjoy,” says the former history teacher, 65.

      Bill O’Reilly says he knows who killed Gen. Patton
      Jocelyn McClurgUSA TODAY

      Bill O’Reilly, author, with Martin Dugard, of the book “Killing Patton.”

      Bill O’Reilly, the opinionated host of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, is about to shake up the world of history with his latest bold claim — that Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin ordered the assassination of Gen. George S. Patton.

      “We found compelling evidence,” O’Reilly says. Readers can decide for themselves with the publication of Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General (Henry Holt), co-written with Martin Dugard.

      It’s the fourth in the pair’s wildly successful “Killing” series, which launched with Killing Lincoln in 2011 and continued with Killing Kennedy. Last year’s Killing Jesus reached No. 1 on USA TODAY’s Best-Selling Books list. (O’Reilly says three more in the franchise are to come.)

      While not always embraced by scholars, the non-fiction books are written as you-are-there thrillers in a way that “people who do not necessarily like history will enjoy,” says the former history teacher, 65.

      The catchy titles don’t hurt, either. “I’m a snappy guy. I do things in a flamboyant way. I want to get your attention.”

      He’s likely to do so with the Patton book. He says it will be “very controversial,” which never hurts sales.

      O’Reilly and Dugard are not the first to question Patton’s death. Conspiracy theories abound, and in 2008 Robert K. Wilcox wrote a book called Target Patton: The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton.




  4. New Florida law doesn’t require university students, faculty and staff to register political views

    Profile photo for David Dixon
    David Dixon
    Former Attorney & Adjunct Professor, Torts & ContractSun
    Here is a frightening and deplorable reality that tells you much about what we have devolved into as a nation:

    Out of 66 answers to this question, 62 labeled DeSantis a fascist, a communist, another McCarthy, disgusting, deplorable and….well you get the idea. Only 4 people actually took the time to actually read the new law and thereby point out that the entire question is based upon a 100% fabrication – a lie – which was made up originally by the media.

    In point of fact, the new law requires nobody to register their political views with anyone. So here’s a question: What does it say about people’s ability in general to render intelligent opinions when only 6% of those rendering those opinions even know the facts necessary for actually doing so competently?

    David Dixon, the only person on Quora to actually look into the veracity of the question about DeSantis making a law to make students and professors reveal their political party affiliations.



  5. Trump launches class action lawsuit against Big Tech giants

    Former President Donald Trump announced class action lawsuits Wednesday against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the leaders of three Big Tech companies that banned him from their platforms after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol building.

    Speaking at a news conference at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Wednesday morning, Trump said he would be the lead plaintiff in the class action suit filed in partnership with the America First Policy Institute, a new nonprofit think-tank that advocates for Trump’s policies. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

    “I stand before you this morning to announce a very important and very beautiful, I think, development for our freedom and our freedom of speech … today, in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, I’m filing as the lead class action representative a major class action lawsuit against the Big Tech giants including Facebook, Google and Twitter, as well as their CEOs,” Trump said.

    The lawsuit seeks a court order to immediately halt social media platforms “illegal, shameful, censorship of the American people.” The former president is demanding an end to shadow-banning, blacklisting, and canceling of conservatives by Big Tech companies.

    “Our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, it’s unconstitutional, and it’s completely un-American,” Trump said.

    In January, after a mob of Trump supporters gathered at the U.S. Capitol and got into violent altercations with police officers, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube — which is owned by Google — each announced that Trump would no longer be able to use their platforms. The tech companies claimed that Trump’s repeated insistence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and that President Joe Biden’s victory was illegitimate incited the violence at the Capitol.

    Twitter permanently banned Trump, citing the “risk of further incitement of violence” by his account, while Facebook indefinitely deplatformed the sitting president. After Facebook’s Oversight Board criticized the company for imposing an arbitrary punishment on Trump, the company clarified that Trump will remain deplatformed through Jan. 7, 2023, at least. Trump’s YouTube channel remains indefinitely suspended until there is no longer a “risk of incitement to violence.”

    “There is no better evidence that Big Tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting president of the United States earlier this year,” Trump told the gathered reporters. “If they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone.”

    First reported by Axios, Trump’s lawsuit will also seek the immediate restoration of his social media accounts and “punitive damages” on the Big Tech giants.

    The lawsuits also target the liability protections Big Tech companies enjoy under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

    “While the social media companies are officially private entities, in recent years they have ceased to be private with the enactment and their historical use of Section 230, which profoundly protects them from liability,” Trump said. “It is in effect a massive government subsidy, these companies have been co-opted, coerced and weaponized by government actors to become the enforcers of illegal, unconstitutional censorship.”

    The former president accused social media companies of coordinating with federal public health officials during the pandemic to censor certain speech. Trump pointed to policies that banned users for sharing “misinformation” about COVID-19, such as opinions that raised questions about the origins of the virus and whether it was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    Big Tech companies became “the de-facto censorship arm of the U.S. government,” Trump said.



    1. Donald Trump Jr., LIVE from Sarasota, Fl slams Dr. Anthony Fauci’s theories, the media covering up and more – via Newsmax.

      Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Optimum, U-Verse 1120, FiOS 615, Suddenlink, CenturyLink 1209, Mediacom 277, Fubo, Sling, WOW!, Armstrong, YouTube live stream, or the Newsmax smartphone APP. Find your cable/streaming provider here: https://newsmaxtv.com/findus

      Stay up-to-date with the latest headlines at https://newsmax.com



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    Profile photo for Lucas Quidera | 𝘚𝘰𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘓𝘪𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘺
    Lucas Quidera | 𝘚𝘰𝘯 𝘰𝘧 𝘓𝘪𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘵𝘺, Voted for Trump
    Profile photo for Patrick Cassidy
    Patrick Cassidy, MBA from University of Maryland, Baltimore
    Profile photo for Alys Richards
    Alys Richards, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.S. School Psychology, Child Development & Human Cognition, Georgia State University (2000)
    Profile photo for Allen Smith
    Allen Smith, former I Work for the Internets
    Profile photo for Marian Hubbard
    Marian Hubbard, Ex Brokerage firm Mgr.; MBA from USC
    Profile photo for Maria Ferreira
    Maria Ferreira
    , lives in The United States of America (2002-present)
    Profile photo for T. A. Brewster
    T. A. Brewster
    , Ba Economics, University of Massachusetts, Boston
    Profile photo for Alessandro Machi
    Alessandro Machi, Trumplican Talking Points, LA Emmy Winner, LA Homeless Idea.
    Profile photo for Aleks Rhodes
    Aleks Rhodes, lives in The United States


  7. “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”




    1. Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power
      by Jon Meacham

      In this magnificent biography, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of American Lion and Franklin and Winston brings vividly to life an extraordinary man and his remarkable times. Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power gives us Jefferson the politician and president, a great and complex human being forever engaged in the wars of his era. Philosophers think; politicians maneuver. Jefferson’s genius was that he was both and could do both, often simultaneously. Such is the art of power.
      Thomas Jefferson hated confrontation, and yet his understanding of power and of human nature enabled him to move men and to marshal ideas, to learn from his mistakes, and to prevail. Passionate about many things—women, his family, books, science, architecture, gardens, friends, Monticello, and Paris—Jefferson loved America most, and he strove over and over again, despite fierce opposition, to realize his vision: the creation, survival, and success of popular government in America. Jon Meacham lets us see Jefferson’s world as Jefferson himself saw it, and to appreciate how Jefferson found the means to endure and win in the face of rife partisan division, economic uncertainty, and external threat. Drawing on archives in the United States, England, and France, as well as unpublished Jefferson presidential papers, Meacham presents Jefferson as the most successful political leader of the early republic, and perhaps in all of American history.

      The father of the ideal of individual liberty, of the Louisiana Purchase, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and of the settling of the West, Jefferson recognized that the genius of humanity—and the genius of the new nation—lay in the possibility of progress, of discovering the undiscovered and seeking the unknown. From the writing of the Declaration of Independence to elegant dinners in Paris and in the President’s House; from political maneuverings in the boardinghouses and legislative halls of Philadelphia and New York to the infant capital on the Potomac; from his complicated life at Monticello, his breathtaking house and plantation in Virginia, to the creation of the University of Virginia, Jefferson was central to the age. Here too is the personal Jefferson, a man of appetite, sensuality, and passion.

      The Jefferson story resonates today not least because he led his nation through ferocious partisanship and cultural warfare amid economic change and external threats, and also because he embodies an eternal drama, the struggle of the leadership of a nation to achieve greatness in a difficult and confounding world.



      1. Granting the Founders of America the benefit of the common principles and idea’s of their own era, rather than trying to press thiem into standing trial under the understandings learned in the history of their time to ours, is a necessary standard of judgment.

        The Founding Fathers of our great nation lived in such very different time than ours. They were for the most part the leading edge of understanding and teaching the principles of the Age of Enlightenment.


        The Age of Enlightenment (also known as the Age of Reason or simply the Enlightenment) was an intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries.[2] The Enlightenment included a range of ideas centered on the pursuit of happiness, sovereignty of reason, and the evidence of the senses as the primary sources of knowledge and advanced ideals such as liberty, progress, toleration, fraternity, constitutional government, and separation of church and state.[3][4]

        The Enlightenment emerged out of a European intellectual and scholarly movement known as Renaissance humanism and was also preceded by the Scientific Revolution and the work of Francis Bacon, among others. Some date the beginning of the Enlightenment to René Descartes’ 1637 philosophy of Cogito, ergo sum (“I think, therefore I am”), while others cite the publication of Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica (1687) as the culmination of the Scientific Revolution and the beginning of the Enlightenment. French historians traditionally date its beginning with the death of Louis XIV of France in 1715 until the 1789 outbreak of the French Revolution. Most end it with the beginning of the 19th century.

        Philosophers and scientists of the period widely circulated their ideas through meetings at scientific academies, Masonic lodges, literary salons, coffeehouses and in printed books, journals, and pamphlets. The ideas of the Enlightenment undermined the authority of the monarchy and the Catholic Church and paved the way for the political revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries. A variety of 19th-century movements, including liberalism, communism, and neoclassicism, trace their intellectual heritage to the Enlightenment.[5]

        In France, the central doctrines of the Enlightenment philosophers were individual liberty and religious tolerance, in opposition to an absolute monarchy and the fixed dogmas of the Church. The Enlightenment was marked by an emphasis on the scientific method and reductionism, along with increased questioning of religious orthodoxy—an attitude captured by Immanuel Kant’s essay Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment, where the phrase Sapere aude (Dare to know) can be found.[6].




  8. More proof that the modern US judicial system is full of crank judges who have no grasp of the US Constitution:

    Texas judge denies US citizen due process rights, sends her before Islamic Sharia tribunal instead
    The judge ordered a Muslim woman seeking a divorce from her husband to undergo arbitration through an Islamic court

    In March, Collin County District Judge Andrea Thompson ordered a Muslim woman seeking a divorce from her husband to undergo arbitration not through regular channels but through an Islamic court, also known as a Fiqh Panel — a move that the woman’s lawyers argue is an obvious and unconscionable affront to her constitutional rights.

    The woman, Mariam Ayad, was attempting to exercise her legal right to a divorce last year when her husband, Ayad Hashim Latif, revealed that on the day of their wedding in 2008, she had signed an Islamic prenuptial agreement to have all matters regarding the marriage and divorce be decided according to Sharia law.

    According to court documents, Mariam claims that she was essentially hoodwinked and defrauded into signing the document. At the time, she believed she was signing two copies of a marriage acknowledgment form, which is customary in Muslim cultures.

    Notwithstanding, Mariam’s lawyers argue the agreement — which outlines that a three-man panel of Muslim imams are to decide all issues relating to the marriage, including alimony, division of property, child support, and even custody of the couple’s 6-year-old son — ought to be voided in lieu of U.S. law. A copy of the agreement was provided to TheBlaze.

    The Texas district judge — in complete disregard of both federal and state law — ruled that the prenuptial agreement is binding, without taking testimony from the wife.

    In absence of relief, Mariam will now be required to settle her divorce matters with the Islamic Association of North Texas in front of the Muslim clerics who view her testimony and evidence as carrying half the weight as a man’s.

    Mariam has filed a writ of mandamus with the Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas to restrict the lower court from enforcing the arbitration order. She is being represented by Michelle O’Neil and Michael Wysocki of the O’Neil Wysocki law firm in Dallas.




  9. “As democracy is perfected, the office of President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”– H. L. Mencken

    Mencken’s prescience was sublime as he predicted the present resident in the White House, the moron Joe Biden.



  10. The Right’s War on Education Is Reaching Dystopian Levels

    AFT president Randi Weingarten is vowing to protect members targeted for “teaching honest history” amid GOP efforts to restrict how race and racism is taught and as Fox host Tucker Carlson calls for cameras in the classroom.


    This is the Neo-Marxist reaction in Vanity Fair to the following remarks:

    Tucker: Not only are these people crazed ideologues, they’re stupid.

    The Fourth of July is still a day worth celebrating. Despite what you may read, day in and day out, this is still a great country. Where are you going to go that’s better? Nowhere. America is still full of happy, decent, independent-minded people. The attitudes of our leaders may have changed dramatically in recent years, but the virtues of our population really have not changed. That’s the good news. The bad news is, the people in charge are working hard to make Americans hate our own country. If you made the mistake of going online this weekend, you saw them pouring out their misery on social media. Instead of enjoying hotdogs and fireworks with the kids they don’t have, they were on Twitter yelping about slavery and White supremacy and what a terrible place the United States is. It’s easy to ignore people like this. You just turn off your screen and live your life. Unfortunately, it’s much harder to shield your children from them. That’s the problem.

    Last week, the largest teachers’ union in the country, the National Education Association, announced that its new, and first, priority is making racist anti-American indoctrination, race-based indoctrination, mandatory in every classroom in the country. All K-12 schools, the union declared, must teach children that, “White supremacy, anti-Blackness, anti-indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cis-hetero-patriarchy, capitalism, ableism, and anthropocentrism” are embedded in every aspect of American “society.” So, if you’re a straight White American, even if you’re a very small child, you’re guilty. It’s your fault. You’re a bad person. That’s what teachers will be telling your children this fall.


    The teachers’ union ended its statement with this, which is so hilariously revealing it belongs in a museum somewhere, and we hope it makes it. “As the ancient African proverb says, Know Thyself.” The African proverb. Except it’s not an African proverb. “Know thyself” is, of course, Greek, as any literate person knows. It was inscribed by the ancient Greeks in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. But the teacher’s union didn’t know this. Not only are these people crazed racist ideologues, but they’re also stupid. Your children are being taught by some of the most ignorant people in the country. How’d that happen? God knows how it happened. But you’d better not complain about it, or else Joe Biden’s praetorian guard will denounce you on TV as a racist:



  11. When Democrats and Republicans accuse each other of propagating fascism, which side is more correct?
    Profile photo for William Whitten
    William Whitten, studied at Alhambra High School (1965)
    Answered June 28
    The Republicans are more correct.

    Benito Mussolini

    Mussolini was originally a socialist politician and a journalist at the Avanti! newspaper. In 1912, he became a member of the National Directorate of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI),[7] but he was expelled from the PSI for advocating military intervention in World War I, in opposition to the party’s stance on neutrality. In 1914, Mussolini founded a new journal, Il Popolo d’Italia, and served in the Royal Italian Army during the war until he was wounded and discharged in 1917. Mussolini denounced the PSI, his views now centering on Italian nationalism instead of socialism, and later founded the fascist movement which came to oppose egalitarianism[8] and class conflict, instead advocating “revolutionary nationalism” transcending class lines.[9] On 31 October 1922, following the March on Rome (28–30 October), Mussolini was appointed prime minister by King Victor Emmanuel III, becoming the youngest individual to hold the office up to that time. After removing all political opposition through his secret police and outlawing labor strikes,[10] Mussolini and his followers consolidated power through a series of laws that transformed the nation into a one-party dictatorship. Within five years, Mussolini had established dictatorial authority by both legal and illegal means and aspired to create a totalitarian state. In 1929, Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty with the Holy See to establish Vatican City.

    Benito Mussolini – Wikipedia
    “Mussolini” redirects here. For other people named Mussolini, see Mussolini family . Italian dictator and founder of fascism Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini ( Italian: [beˈniːto mussoˈliːni] ; [1] 29 July 1883 – 28 April 1945) was an Italian politician and journalist who founded and led the National Fascist Party . He was Prime Minister of Italy from the March on Rome in 1922 until his deposition in 1943, and ” Duce ” of Italian Fascism from the establishment of the Italian Fasces of Combat in 1919 until his execution in 1945 by Italian partisans . As dictator of Italy and founder of fascism , Mussolini inspired and supported the international spread of fascist movements during the inter-war period . [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

    Mussolini was originally a socialist politician and a journalist at the Avanti! newspaper . In 1912, he became a member of the National Directorate of the Italian Socialist Party (PSI), [7] but he was expelled from the PSI for advocating military intervention in World War I , in opposition to the party’s stance on neutrality. In 1914, Mussolini founded a new journal, Il Popolo d’Italia , and served in the Royal Italian Army during the war until he was wounded and discharged in 1917. Mussolini denounced the PSI, his views now centering on Italian nationalism instead of socialism , and later founded the fascist movement which came to oppose egalitarianism [8] and class conflict , instead advocating ” revolutionary nationalism ” transcending class lines . [9] On 31 October 1922, following the March on Rome (28–30 October),

    Mussolini was appointed prime minister by King Victor Emmanuel III , becoming the youngest individual to hold the office up to that time. After removing all political opposition through his secret police and outlawing labor strikes, [10] Mussolini and his followers consolidated power through a series of laws that transformed the nation into a one-party dictatorship . Within five years, Mussolini had established dictatorial authority by both legal and illegal means and aspired to create a totalitarian state. In 1929, Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty with the Holy See to establish Vatican City . Mussolini’s foreign policy aimed to restore the ancient glory of the Roman Empire by expanding Italian colonial possessions and the fascist sphere of influence. In the 1920s, he ordered the Pacification of Libya , instructed the bombing of Corfu over an incident with Greece , established a protectorate over Albania , and incorporated the city of Fiume into the Italian state via agreements with Yugoslavia. In 1936, Ethiopia was conquered following the Second Italo–Ethiopian War and merged into Italian East Africa (AOI) with Eritrea and Somalia . In 1939, Italian forces annexed Albania . Between 1936 and 1939, Mussolini ordered the successful Italian military intervention in Spain in favor of Francisco Franco during the Spanish civil war . Mussolini’s Italy initially tried to avoid the outbreak of a second global war,





  12. “ALL the courts laughed them out of court.”

    Mr. Turk, you simply do not know what you are talking about:

    55+ Courts dismissed their cases for procedural grounds, the doctruine of laches and lack of standing.

    None of the courts filed for Discovery — this means that no evidence was seen nor ruled on the merits thereof.

    2,036,041 Ballots Touched By Anomalies

    923 Fact Witnesses

    50+ Courts Blocked An Evidentiary Hearing

    GOP plaintiff prevailed on 14 of the 21 cases decided on the merits.

    Here Is The Evidence




  13. The truth is that many Americans have no problem with the fact or scope of public-sector propaganda — they just want to control its contents.

    An illuminating juxtaposition in the virtual pages of the New York Times: In one essay, four coauthors (including my friends David French and Kmele Foster) assert the “danger of anti-Critical Race Theory laws,” while in the article immediately below it, Scott Borchert demands a “New Deal for writers in America” in the form of new federal financial support, particularly for writers who lost income because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Each of these speaks to different aspects of the proverb: He who pays the fiddler calls the tune.

    Listen to the articel read:




    1. Gas prices are through the roof under the Joe Biden presidency, and analysts say they’re only going to get worse.

      After the price of gas clocked in at its most expensive since 2014 prior to the July 4 weekend — at an average of $3.11 a gallon, according to the American Automobile Association — a report from Tuesday indicates a 2-cent increase to $3.13 a gallon. Since Jan. 1, when the national average gas price was $2.25 per gallon, the price of gasoline has risen 40 percent.

      “Robust gasoline demand and more expensive crude oil prices are pushing gas prices higher,” said Jeanette McGee, an American Automobile Association spokeswoman. “We had hoped that global crude production increases would bring some relief at the pump this month, but weekend OPEC negotiations fell through with no agreement reached. As a result, crude prices are set to surge to a seven-year high.”

      The report comes after White House press secretary Jen Psaki has faced questions about the pricing surge. Reporters asked Psaki in the lead-up to July 4 whether the administration thinks its purported 16-cent decrease in barbecue grocery items is more significant than Americans struggling to fill up their car tanks, to which she deflected. The press secretary was pressed on the issue again Tuesday, saying, “We’re working on it.”




  14. Tucker Carlson said he was seeking an interview with Russia’s president prior to NSA spying claims
    The Fox News host said he was attempting to set up an interview with Vladimir Putin shortly before he last week claimed that the National Security Agency was spying on him. Earlier, Axios published a report saying Carlson had been speaking with US-based Kremlin intermediaries about scheduling the interview but did not confirm if any of Carlson’s communications were intercepted. Following the TV show host’s accusation of spying, the NSA released a statement refuting Carlson’s claims, saying “Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the Agency and the NSA has never had any plans to try to take his program off the air.”



    1. Tucker Carlson: NSA has been reading my private emails, planned to leak the contents
      Intelligence agencies are not the friends of Americans, they are dangerous
      Tucker Carlson By Tucker Carlson | Fox News

      Tucker: NSA planned to leak my emails to media outlets
      ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host reveals what was in the emails the NSA was reading

      Last week, we told you that the Biden administration’s largest intelligence-gathering agency, the NSA, had been reading my private emails. Even noting that out loud is weird. It’s one of those segments we never thought we would do ever.

      But the country has changed that much that fast. And honestly, the whole thing was kind of shocking. The government was spying on us? Come on. It seemed crazy, but it’s true. And no one in Washington appeared to be shocked in the slightest. In fact, the usual shills right after our segment had a ready explanation for it.

      Either it never happened at all, they said, just a cable news show lying for ratings, or there must have been a good reason it happened. And they begin furiously making excuses for the NSA. A powerful, heavily politicized spy agency surveilling journalists who’ve been critical of the regime? No problem. It’s perfectly normal. Just don’t call it spying.

      But it’s not normal – at all. It is Third World, and as we told you repeatedly, it did happen. Now, that has been confirmed. Yesterday, we learned that sources in the so-called intelligence community told at least one reporter in Washington what was in those emails. My emails. It was nothing scandalous in there. Thank God. We’re happy to report that.


      Late this spring, I contacted a couple of people I thought could help get us an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I told nobody I was doing this other than my executive producer, Justin Wells. I wasn’t embarrassed about trying to interview Putin. He’s obviously newsworthy. I’m an American citizen. I can interview anyone I want and I plan to.

      But still, in this case, I decided to keep it quiet. I figured that any kind of publicity would rattle the Russians and make the interview less likely to happen. But the Biden administration found out anyway, by reading my emails. I learned from a whistleblower at the NSA plan to leak the contents of those emails to media outlets. Why would they do that? Well, the point, of course, was to paint me as a disloyal American. A Russian operative. Been called that before. A stooge of the Kremlin, a traitor doing the bidding of a foreign adversary.

      And of course, I’m hardly the only person who’s been accused of those things in the last several years. We’ve seen this movie several times now. At the same moment, the Communist Chinese government increases its already stunning level of control over this country, our leaders prattle on about the threat of Vladimir Putin. He’s an evildoer, they tell us. A totalitarian dictator.

      Vladimir Putin does things that no American leader would even consider. He runs domestic disinformation campaigns. He lies to the public. He punishes people for opposing him, or for believing the wrong things. He even uses intelligence agencies to spy on his own citizens. Beyond the pale stuff. So no decent American would interview Vladimir Putin, at least no reporter from Fox News. That was the point they wanted to make. That’s why they plan to leak the contents of my emails to news organizations. And yesterday, as noted, we learned they actually did it.


      Even now, some of the media are claiming that we deserve this. Emailing with people who know Putin, are you? Of course, the NSA is watching you. That’s what you get. But that’s hardly the point. By law, the NSA is required to keep secret the identities of American citizens who’ve been caught up in its vast domestic spying operations. So by law, I should have been identified internally merely as a U.S. journalist or American journalist. That’s the law.

      But that’s not how I was identified. It was identified by name. I was unmasked. People in the building learned who I was and then my name and the contents of my emails left that building at the NSA and wound up with a news organization in Washington. That is illegal. In fact, it is precisely what this law was designed to prevent in the first place. We cannot have intelligence agencies used as instruments of political control.

      Both parties used to agree on that. Democrats were especially adamant on the point, but not anymore. So that’s exactly what is happening here. We need to find out how this happened, who did it, who allowed it?


      Paul Nakasone would know the answer. Paul Nakasone is the highly political director of the NSA. Paul Nakasone would have been required personally to approve my unmasking. That’s how it works. Paul Nakasone should explain who asked for that unmasking and he should do it immediately.

      Avril Haines would also likely know the answer. Haines is the even more political director of National Intelligence who oversees all of it. She may have approved the unmasking as well. She would certainly know who asked for it and who approved it. That’s her job to know. She should release that information immediately, tonight. And if Avril Haines does not release that information, she should be forced to release that information.

      We don’t have a lot of power, we’re just a TV show. But we’re going to keep pushing for that because it matters. Not just to us, but to the entire country. You can’t have a democracy in a place where unaccountable spy agencies keep people in line by leaking the contents of their emails, discrediting them with their own emails, which they thought were private. It doesn’t work if you allow that. And we suspect congressional Republicans will also demand an answer.

      Many have finally awakened to the fact that the intelligence agencies, which they have blindly supported for so long, are not, in fact, their friends. They’re not the friends of anyone in this country. They’re dangerous. That’s obvious.

      This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the July 7, 2021, edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

      Tucker Carlson currently serves as the host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Tucker Carlson Tonight (weekdays 8PM/ET). He joined the network in 2009 as a contributor.




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